Oral Conscience Sedation

Increasing patient comfort with oral conscious sedation. Many patients have fear or anxiety when thinking about coming to the dentist. We always want to provide the best dentistry we can in the most relaxing environment for the patient. Dr. Holt does not even wear a white coat when treating patients because some patients have the white coat syndrome. This is where the patient gets nervous when the dentist enters the room wearing a white coat. It is the classic doctor appearance; this alone can raise some people’s blood pressure and make them uncomfortable.

So, what is involved in the oral conscious sedation? Dr. Holt will only do the oral conscious sedation on patients that are healthy and do not have a lengthy medical history. Dr. Holt gives that patient a prescription for the specific medication. The patient goes to the pharmacy to have it filled. On the day of the procedure the patient brings the medication and actually takes the medications in our office. After 20-30 minutes the patient will become relaxed. Nitrous oxide gas is used to further relax the patient. Remember the patient is conscious and can responed to verbal commands. However, the patient will be relaxed and many will not remember the dental work being done. The dental procedure is then completed. During the procedure we have the patient connected to a vitals monitor to be sure that everything is okay throughout the procedure.

If you have any questions, call our office and our friendly staff will schedule you for a comfortable visit to our office.

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