Orthodontics Overview

Dr Holt very much enjoys providing orthodontic treatment to his patients. It is one of the procedures he most enjoys. Truly beautifying smiles! As in all the procedures completed by Dr. Holt, he wants to use only the best orthodontic system for his patient. This is why he completed a two year program to provide the IP Appliance for his patients. In 2003, Progressive Orthodontics released the Individual Patient (IP) Appliance®, the first customized appliance system on the market. This system is based on the straight archwire technique but revolutionizes orthodontics by allowing doctors to choose the optimal appliance for each patient. This customization results in faster, more consistent treatment results. The IP Appliance® has proven to be the most effective method of practicing orthodontics. Cases finish in 40% less time by adding torque and rotations early in cases.

This system also uses the optimal archwire shape for each patient based on each individual’s anatomy and case goals. More importantly, results are more stable as teeth have been in their final position for longer. Also, by using bracket slot variations in coordination with the correct archform, you improve the consistency of your results by minimizing wire bending.