Intraoral Camera

Holt Dental Care tries to stay on the cutting edge of dentistry and provide our patients with the highest quality of care. The intraoral camara is one of the tools our office uses to provide this quality care. Listed below are some facts and reasons that we take these images on all patients.

Intraoral cameras have been used for dental applications since the early 1990s.

Intraoral cameras are an invaluable tool in allowing the dentist to see pathology, such as open margins, fractures, and caries, that wouldn’t easily be seen without this magnification.

The ability to have images on a computer monitor screen that is visible to the patient is a large benefit. Most experts agree that one of the keys to improving patient understanding of our treatment plans is the concept of “co-diagnosis”. In other words, allowing the patient to see the problems that we see will allow them to participate in the diagnosis of their dental problems, and they will then understand more fully our recommendations for treating problems that they may have been previously unaware that they had.

The cameras allow us to have a permanent record of a patient’s condition before we begin treatment. This can be quite beneficial for all cases where we can show patients before and after photos of their teeth. Also, for insurance reasons.

Intraoral camera can be used to document cases for lab use. Allowing the lab technician to have an idea of the patient’s existing dentition and, especially, the appearance of their teeth, can be an invaluable aid in proper treatment planning and will improve the level of communication with the lab.

The camera can be used to take photos of x-rays, which frees us from having to send in our original radiographs to the insurance companies. Also, adding photo documentation to an insurance claim will often speed up the approval of that claim.

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